An exciting learning tool and interactive display, powered by innovative technology.

Puke Ariki wanted a playful visitor experience to enhance their wetlands exhibition. The museum needed an engaging idea that would fit easily into surrounding exhibits and highlight native insects that people would not otherwise see.

Our response was to create a space where visitors step into a large-screen interactive display that plays along with their movements, magnifying the mysteries of these tiny critters and making learning physical and fun.

Gibson International provided the concept development, experience design, fabrication and installation, project management and servicing. Using a commercial camera system to track the actions of each visitor, we wrote bespoke software to animate each insect and plant as they react to the movement of people.

Our role

  • Visitor experience
  • Physical interactives
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia design
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Ongoing site support and maintenance

An interactive design combining learning with physical activity

A large, digital canvas stretches from standing height down onto the floor, where kids and parents enter the wetlands.

Whether visitors prefer to relax, catch bugs or play around, the scenery adapts and brings the environment to where they’re standing. Pond skaters scuttle across the water chasing after tamariki, ferns sway as children move through the grass, and cicadas crawl, jump or fly – depending on how close you get to them!

The visitor experience combines learning with physical activity, fitting seamlessly within the original museum exhibition. Our Wetlands experience was so popular, it was also introduced into a kindergarten curriculum.

Gibson International collaborated with

Toulouse Ltd (NZ)

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