An interactive iPad experience revealing the layers of work involved in every new house – and the people who get it done.

The Construction Futures Centre in Perth showcases trade and career futures to young Western Australians. As part of their experience, visitors to the centre can explore a residential building to learn about the work that went into its construction.

Our task was to deliver an engaging layer of content to show more detailed information on a platform that allowed the Centre to match the material to visitors’ ages and interests.

So we created an augmented reality iPad application that overlays a digital layer onto the physical space. This allows visitors to peel back layers of various construction elements, with targeted content for different age groups and interactive quiz tests.

Our role

  • AR development, UX/UI design
  • iOS development and provisioning
  • Onsite calibration and installation

An immersive experience and educational opportunity

Students and visitors use iPads to deconstruct and reconstruct the area at various points within the physical space. In doing so, they highlight various tasks, understand the order in which they are carried out by tradespeople, and see the work that goes on around them.

We worked with museum exhibition designers and the Construction Training Fund to develop and incorporate an interactive digital experience that complements and extends the physical space. We researched the best roles and trades to spotlight, which led to the creation of the digital experience and 3D assets.

Within this immersive experience, a few selected trades are personalised with video interviews, allowing visitors to hear about each interviewee’s career path.

Each user’s level of interaction, education and information is dependent on their age group (calibratable onsite for each tour).Younger visitors receive a guided explanation of the jobs done, and older visitors are challenged to apply their own knowledge while also unlocking more career and pathway advice.

Gibson International collaborated with

Barrett Design, Construction Training Fund, Construction Futures Centre.

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