We bring together creativity, innovation and technology to create powerful stories and memorable experiences.

With a wealth of experience in all facets of experience design across a diverse range of subjects, we have developed in-depth capabilities across the following disciplines.

Master planning and consultancy

As museum consultants, we’ll work with you to scope and tailor the vision, detailing a narrative and operational framework to best serve your audience and budget.

Concept development

To design a roadmap for storytelling, we create a high-level framework that details the core ‘big idea’ and the constituent elements that make up the visitor experiences.

Exhibition design

The spatial design should create spaces that are easy to navigate and that display information in an intuitive way, all while providing an immersive experience.

Content creation

By using a variety of different storytelling techniques paired with an in-depth understanding of multimedia design, we craft memorable experiences across a wide variety of subjects.

Interactive design

Spanning both the physical and digital worlds, our interactive design creates new opportunities for our audiences to explore and experience content themselves.

Production and project management

As museum exhibition producers, production and project management is where everything comes together.

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Interactive display experiences that captivate audiences on a grand scale.

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