To create eye-catching and engaging exhibition design, we use narrative as a starting point.

We translate the experience design into a physical one by using a number of storytelling techniques, immersive technologies and design techniques to create a memorable and lasting experience.

We take the necessary time to fully understand the object, place or event and its context before we begin work. This allows us to create a unique and meaningful experience around the content while communicating personalised stories and communicating bigger themes.

Using co-design principles, our approach encompases many considerations including designing for accessibility. We collaborate with our partners to ensure that the development of the exhibition design meets and exceeds desired objectives and audience expectations.

Our exhibition design process is iterative, which includes prototyping and testing with our audience and making revisions where necessary to improve the quality of the end result.

Our exhibition design is also bespoke and fit for purpose, and ranges from small to large scale and temporary to permanent. It can be located within everything from historic and protected buildings that require a sympathetic treatment to purpose-built exhibition spaces where every surface can become part of the experience. Outside of the walls, our practice also extends to interpretation for historic locations and parks, bringing to life historic and recent events in their actual locations.

Additionally, we also take sustainability into consideration and make informed decisions around material choices and production techniques with the aim of lowering the exhibition’s carbon footprint.

We take practical considerations into account, such as the lifespan and duration of the exhibition, operation and maintenance requirements and its physical location, ensuring that it requires minimal overhead to always look its very best.

We’re particularly proud of our work with the National Anzac Centre, which you can learn more about in the National Anzac Centre Exhibition Design case study.

To find out more about our full range of services, please see our capabilities page.

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