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The Ship to Shore museum exhibition creates a series of sequential experiential spaces alternating hands-on and innovative interactive learning with immersive experiences. The entire exhibition is based on authentic and documented personal stories of immigrants landing in Galveston in the 1880s.

Visitors follow in the footsteps of the early immigrants, from the long sea voyage with its mix of hardships and wonders, to the hustle and bustle arriving in the 1880s at Galveston, one of the busiest ports and booming cities in the US.

Our bold approach to the scenography sees the museum exhibition design mixing graphic novel backgrounds with real objects and virtual characters.

Our role

  • Museum consultants
  • Stakeholder and cultural engagement
  • Experience design
  • Spatial design
  • Spatial design
  • Multimedia design
  • Interactive design
  • Exhibition design
  • Interpretive design
  • Fabrication and installation
  • Ongoing site support and maintenance

Drama specialists drew on extensive archive research to create scripts for the 27 historical characters on interactive display. We were easily able to cast a diverse group of American characters in New Zealand.

The scripts included graphic novel story boards for both backgrounds and character actions. They were filmed in state-of-the-art green screen studios and composited into the final graphic novel plates.

An interconnected visitor attraction

This exhibition uses the digital membership card we developed for the Galveston Historical Foundation to personalise visitor experiences, collecting an itinerary of locations to visit in town.

Read more about it on the official Ship to Shore visitor attraction page.

Gibson International collaborated with

FIT Architects (NZ), Innovative Environments (Houston)

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