The gateway to El Paso’s history expands its reach.

Gibson International and digital design studio Space and Time redeveloped a large-scale interactive display to enable wide-reaching virtual access to the museum’s collection when COVID-19 restrictions closed the El Paso Museum of History.

The challenge was building an interactive Cityscape User Interface of some 1,500 images in both ‘Open GL’ for the physical wall’s render engines and ‘Web GL’ for online browsers.

We created an app that gives the museum instant access to their local community, and online and far-reaching access to broader national and international audiences.

The interactive CityScape interface functions on an internet browser, via personal device or in-person at the museum. The content management system connects to the physical and on-line DIGIE interactive design.

Our role

  • Multimedia design
  • Interactive design
  • Digital and graphic design

An experience designed for serendipitous exploration of culture online presents community-sourced imagery and metadata in a unique 3D collaged Cityscape representing a ‘mind-map’ of the city.

The app builds on the original collaboration between Space and Time and Gibson International. DIGIE (Digital Gateway in El Paso), also accessible on a 36’ interactive physical video wall at the El Paso Museum of History.

On-line, the physical wall’s interactive display cityscape UI allows users a serendipitous exploration of the city’s culture and history alongside a more traditional browsing experience.

Users can browse traditionally with seamless transitions between search/browsing mode and “walking” in El Paso. They can also use the “drill down” function on each image for metadata and other related imagery.

The production server is For ease of loading outside the US, a read-only proxy can be found at

Gibson International collaborated with

El Paso Museum of History (US), Space and Time (DK), Museum of Copenhagen (DK)

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