An evocative theatrical presentation welcomed visitors to the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, a cultural, historical and architectural celebration of the Kanak Indigenous peoples of New Caledonia.

Gibson International won the international tender over companies from Canada, Australia and France to produce a captivating museum exhibition as part of the inauguration for the Tjibaou Cultural Centre.

We shot a 10-minute multimedia design on 35mm film, transformed it into an immersive theatrical experience, and projected it onto an expansive image canvas that curved 180-degrees to fit the form of the circular theatre that enveloped the audience from all angles.

Gibson International scripted, produced and installed the exhibition in collaboration with Kanak involvement. We approached the concept from a holistic perspective that engaged with the form of the theatre, and adapted our background in film and technology to create something emotional.

We achieved the hallmark poetic qualities of the 35mm film by pioneering new post-production techniques of visual layering. The movement and interplay of image layers created an evocative experience that actively engaged the viewer to participate with what they were seeing.

Our role

  • Multimedia design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Film production
  • Multimedia design
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

A visual poem made for the big screen

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre is a stunning international visitor centre that celebrates Kanak heritage and culture in Nouméa, New Caledonia. It spans across eight hectares of land and includes an art centre, museum, performance spaces, and much more. The centre was designed by world-renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano.

Gibson International’s visual poem that evokes the meeting of the Kanak dreamtime with French colonial reality played continuously for 7 years at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre where it attracted, informed, and entertained large audiences.

Gibson International collaborated with

Kanak Culture Development Agency (NC)

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