Photos of the Latino Art Cartography board with Marisela Martinez and students explaining how the board works. Images also include a large pano of the 270 display event room. 29 SEP 22

Exploring the breadth and depth of Latino/a art in Houston

Curated over three years by the University of Houston Center for Mexican American and Latino/a Studies (CMALS): this highly customised DIGIE interactive display celebrates Latino/a culture and features the social and geographic landscape of Latino/a art, in Houston, in public and private spaces.

Gibson International produced multiple new features for the DIGIE interactive display experience that enabled the University’s goal of creating a highly curated cityscape interface composed almost entirely of intriguing and engaging Latino/a art works. The curatorial vision was driven by Dr. Pamela Anne Quiroz and Juana Guzman, who speak to the project in this video celebrating the project unveiling.

Our role

  • Museum consultants
  • Experience design
  • Physical interactives
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
Photos of the Latino Art Cartography board with Marisela Martinez and students explaining how the board works. Images also include a large pano of the 270 display event room. 29 SEP 22

A new development of our DIGIE interactive display experience maps the past, present, and future of Houston’s Latino/a art.

“Latino cARTographies is an interactive and portable digital experience that displays the work of more than 180 Latino visual and performing artists from around the Houston area. With just a swipe of a finger, users can navigate a 75-inch interactive and bilingual wall mounted display board that features 2000 pieces of art, 17 art organizations, and 80 local landmarks that all speak to the importance of Houston’s Latino history.

Told through narrative text, images, videos, maps, music, and QR codes, users can scroll through Houston’s many diverse neighborhoods while reading about a piece of art and its artist on a pop-up screen.”

-Via Houstonia magazine

The University’s DIGIE Interactive Display has many curator-driven features, such as virtual art galleries, interpretive ‘hot spots’ for elements on giant Latino/a murals, as well more interactive features such quizzes and a ‘paint your own mural’ digital colouring activity providing memorable creative engagement for children. Content is also viewable on the companion website.

The physical platform for this DIGIE consists of two custom fabricated mobile kiosks with large touchscreens, as well as a smaller unit for on-going curatorial developments.

A thorough partnership between curators, Gibson International and collaborators Space and Time; this DIGIE experience is an evolution of its technical and curatorial functions, powered by the latest innovative hardware.

Copyright Notice:

Everything on the Latino cARTographies is protected. ©️LatinocARTographies SM All Rights Reserved. Latino cARTographies digital board may not be copied or duplicated in whole or part by any means. Latino cARTographies is not a commercial product and may not be used for any political event, fundraising event, or to promote any alternative organization, individual, or set of activities. Most, if not all, documents, images, photographs, recordings, contained on Latino cARTographies digital board are the copyrighted property of the artist or organizations on Latino cARTographies digital board. The materials on the digital board are the result of permission given by these individuals and organizations exclusively for use on the digital board, not for commercial purposes or purposes unrelated to the digital board and its presentation of Latino art in Houston.

Gibson International collaborated with

Space and Time (Copenhagen), Innovative Environments (Houston), the University of Houston’s Center for Mexican American and Latino/a Studies (Houston)

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