For us, museums represent incredible collections of stories.

Our goal with museum exhibitions is to find new and engaging ways to tell these stories in a relatable and personal way.

The museum exhibitions that we create span a wide variety of subjects, contexts and locations each developed around a strong central narrative. This combined with the use of multiple storytelling techniques across a range of mediums helps to create a strong connection to the audience, and allows us to communicate complex concepts and information in a clear and understandable manner.

Our capabilities allow us to either partner with our clients and work alongside their development team, or lead the project with our own team, calling on support from our project partners for specialised deliveries when required.

With museum exhibitions, we also take into consideration practical requirements, especially when it comes to the display of objects and case design. Requirements might include specialised lighting and environments, display methods and security. These must be handled in a sympathetic way that doesn’t obstruct the viewing and experience of the object.

Traditionally, graphic panels hold the majority of supporting information. These also need to be well considered as not to overwhelm the audience, help establish the right tone and provide consistency throughout the experience.

Interactive technologies, whether they’re physical or digital, must be purposeful and provide a layer of information or experience that other elements cannot within a museum exhibition .

All of these elements need to come together in a harmonious and compelling way to provide a rich experience that increases the audience’s understanding and appreciation of the subject.

We’re particularly proud of our work with the Texas Seaport Museum in the USA, which you can find out more about in the Ship to Shore Museum Exhibition case study.

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